About the CoolTrade Stock Trading Platform

The CoolTrade™ platform is the ONLY fully automated stock trading platform available to the general public that…

  • trades the stock market and currency exchange 100% unattended,
  • requires no programming knowledge, and,
  • operates in total stealth, even from your broker.

In 2013, CoolTrade™ received the Entrepreneur Award presented by "Moving America Forward," the nationally televised series hosted by William Shatner & Doug Llewelyn. Presently, there are CoolTrade™ subscribers in over 68 countries.

CoolTrade™ was developed by former Microsoft Corp computer programmer and software engineer Ed Barsano in 2004, and has been enhanced every year since. Leading online securities brokerages including TD AMERITRADE, E-Trade, MB Trading, Interactive Brokers, OptionsHouse enable direct linkage of their services to the CoolTrade™platform, which has been hailed as the next evolution in online stock trading.

CoolTrade is the first fully robotic stock trading system that requires no programming skills.  Rules and strategies can be set up with simple point-and-click procedure from the full range of rule options traders use.   Once started, it can operate fully unattended. In contrast with other automated systems in the market that execute trade orders once, the CoolTrade™ robotic stock trading platform is capable of executing a user-defined trading strategy continuously and instantaneously without user intervention, and even if the user isn’t present. 

Seeking out and sorting trading opportunities with computer power. Unlike humans, CoolTrade™ is raw computing power that doesn’t become fatigued, confused, or emotional.  CoolTrade™ serves as your surrogate to monitor hundreds of stocks using the indicators and filters you select, and does it far faster and more reliably than humans can. 

Stealth. The ability to trade in "stealth" further distinguishes CoolTrade™ from other platforms. “Stealth” means that your trade orders are kept secret from brokers and competing traders who could use knowledge of your intentions to your disadvantage. Nobody sees your trade coming until CoolTrade™ executes it the instant all your selected market conditions are met. This has made CoolTrade increasingly popular with sophisticated day-traders and scalpers who rely on unemotional speed of execution to repeatedly take profit on stock fluctuations throughout a trading session.

A superior way to learn to trade.  Total beginners find that using CoolTrade™ for extended simulated trading is a superior way to learn how the stock market works and how to strategize.  Simulated trading also enables even experts to test strategies before committing in a live brokerage account.  CoolTrade University™is a suite of training tools all CoolTrade™ subscribers get free to learn trading, from the basics all the way to sophisticated strategies. 




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