The CoolTrade automated stock trading platform monitors the markets, stocks and profit requirements for you.


CoolTrade Platform Offers:

  • A fully automated money manager on your desktop that easily filters through NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stocks to find those that meet your investment criteria.
  • A powerful stock search with an arsenal of options to create your own trading conditions.
  • A smart strategy builder that helps you confidently make stock trading decisions without having to learn any complex technical language.
  • A real-time test environment that lets you test your strategies during actual market hours without risking any real dollars.
  • Access to a community where you can share, discuss, ask questions and get support from our top-notch technical support team.
  • Strategy sharing that lets you use strategies developed for public use or to be modified any way you like.




How Did Your Stocks Do?

Compares 100 shares
Buy & Hold vs. Actively Trading
** CoolTrade and CoolTradePro do not make buy, sell, or hold recommendations


This simple tool was developed to demonstrate the difference between actively trading stocks and adding to positions on simple up/down movements in the prices VS buying and holding. Disclaimer: Every stock has a different history. This simple tool does not calculate levels or total investment to achieve calculated results. This strictly is for demonstration purposes. CoolTraderPro, CoolTrade and Robotic Trading Systems do not make buy, sell or hold recommendations. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. You should speak with your CPA or financial representative (broker dealer or financial analyst) to ensure that the software / strategy that you utilize are suitable for your investment profile, before trading in a live brokerage account. All advice and/or suggestions given hereto are intended for running automated software in simulation mode only. These reports ONLY show closed trades and do not reflect the P&L of open positions.

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