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Art Morgan - Orange,Texas

"I'm running 2 cool traders at this time. I have seen positive results for both. The software is set up to run automatic without you having to do anything. This software does exactly what it says it does.

Technical support is top notch. They have always responded promptly to any question or help that was needed.

I am having HUGE success in using this software to make extra income. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone."

Robert Sadigur - Belle Mead, New Jersey

I started using CoolTrade about 2 months ago and was very skeptical at the beginning. Listening to Ed Barsano speak about the whirlwinds of the stock market made sense as I had most of my money in mutual funds for years going nowhere. It's hard to believe that with Ed's system, you could earn anywhere from 3% to 10% on a monthly basis. So, I gave it a shot and transferred my money, which was in an IRA account, to Autoshares. It couldn't have been easier.

Following the advice of Ed, I decided to spend $400 and buy my own computer dedicated to CoolTrade. You don't have to do it but I'm not computer savvy enough to do it on my other one. Ed helped me set up the system and I went simulated for 2 weeks and was pleased with the results. Went live and made 3.9% on my first month. and doing the same for the following 2 weeks. If you do the math and constantly do 3.9% each and every month, you'll end with slightly less than 50% profits for your investment for the year. Anyone out there doing better than that?

Please understand that I was skeptical, nervous, not good at setting this system up as CoolTrade had to guide me step by step by step. Constantly emailing Jared in technical support, who is fantastic at his job and he gets back to me within 24 hours.....usually much less. Not computer savvy at all. So, if I can do this, so can you!

Now, I just can't wait for the day to start and see how it ends and how much money I've made. Some days, the market conditions are perfect for this system and I do great. Other days I do ok to good, but make money almost every day.

I highly encourage you to seriously consider doing this. It's only been 2 months but I'm pumped and making money. Ed is a good and honest man and wants to help others.

If you're on the fence (like I was) then give it a shot but go into simulator until you're comfortable with the system and understand it better.

Dr. Dan Fortunato - West Palm Beach Florida

I would like to thank you for bringing Cool Trade into my life. It not only has given me 70% profits over a 14 month period but it has given me something more valuable and that is RELIEF!

While I am working at my practice, it is also working for me all day, everyday of the week, and all I do is watch the results at the end of the day. Presently I own 2 active licenses, and one of my sons owns his own license and now my brother also owns a cool trade license.

In closing, all people can benefit from Cool Trade, but especially the older guys (like myself, who haven't managed to save enough) and the younger guys who want to build enormous wealth for the future.

Thanks again, Dr. Daniel Fortunato

Steve Mckinney - La Mesa, CA

I purchased 2 licenses to trade against both my cash account and my individual retirement account. I'm in the process of purchasing a 3rd license for my in-laws because it has proven to make consistent profits in my investments accounts.

I'm currently trading live in one account and simulated in another account testing additional strategies.

The biggest benefit for utilizing the software is living abroad in a location where internet connectivity is not great, it allows a way to trade online on a VPS provider located in the states that provides remote access from anywhere in the world.

Our primary goal for this software is to build on our savings to provide enough capitol for a home purchase. We also are using the software to expand on retirement savings that previously was not earning any positive returns through under-performing mutual funds.

CoolTrade has outperformed our expectations and with continued consistency on the profits being made will put us far ahead of our future financial goals. We are definitely happy we found and purchased this product and use it with great confidence that we will get what we paid for.

Anyone can benefit from the product as long as they stick with the proven strategies that users have developed over the many years. I would tell any user on the fence about purchasing the product to research and watch the many videos available online that show the power and flexibility of the product and explain how easy it is to use. Then they can make an informed decision on whether to invest.

Best regards,

Steve McKinney

Jacob Gregg - Anacortes, WA

I have been a CoolTrade user since Jan 6 2016. I went live as soon as my account was funded with Autoshares that week. It took me a few weeks to get used to the software, eliminating the difficulty of complex strategies and simplifying as much as I could. As I changed things around, I am now making more in 1 day than I used to make in a week! I am running 1 trader live and bought another one for simulating.

My main goal by using CoolTrade was to replace my "job" as a Union Journeyman Electrician. I got hurt several years ago and wanted to replace the good money I used to make working. Even though this year has been rough in the market, I have still been able to make roughly 50% ROI in less than 6 months and this was before the "Most Active Trades List" even existed, which should greatly improve my performance from now on. By the end of the year I won't have to worry about working anymore. I cannot say enough good things about CoolTrade. I have already brought in 4 of my friends who are all making money, and 4 more friends and family members working on funding their accounts soon! I wish I had known about CoolTrade 3 years ago, I'd be practically retired by now!

I recommend that anyone who is looking to either supplement or completely replace their current source of income, this is definitely the way to go. With realistic expectations and a decent account balance they can literally have their lives changed in just a year. Most of the economic experts say we have another 2-3 years before another major recession, so now is the time to get in, build your accounts up to take that ride to the bottom and climb it all the way back up again, and get rich while everyone else is scared about job security.

I always tell my friends that are either on the fence about buying CoolTrade or need to scrape up some more money before they get in, that every day they wait they're losing money. Get a second job, deliver pizzas for 3 months, sell your old junk on Ebay, whatever it takes to get in and get going, that's what you need to do. My personal saying is "once you get in the game, it's game over".

Whether you're working, playing, sleeping, or on vacation, CoolTrade is making me money day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Marty Meyer - Findlay, Ohio

When I first heard about Cool Trade's automated trading software it sounded interesting, but I really didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that people were having success with it. So, I went ahead and bought it and gave it a try. With the help of Cool Trade's educational videos and their technical support team, I was able to learn the (auto trader) software in no time.

To my amazement, after just a couple months of running live I was making 12% return a month (that's 144% a year) on my money! I was so astonished at the results, that I went a head and bought 3 more auto traders. I am currently in month 7 of having Cool Trade and am getting the same strong monthly returns regardless if the market is up or down.

What's great about Cool Trade is not only does it make me tons of money, it also runs automatically. The fact that I can go to work, go on vacation, or do whatever it is that I have to do, and can let my auto traders run all day by themselves, is just awesome. I just love coming home and looking at the profit report to see how much Cool Trade made me that day! This software is seriously fun and so easy to use that anyone can be successful with it.

Neal Hammond - Longview, WA

Less than 1 year into Cool-Trade and I'm proudly up to 3 licenses as of June 10th, 2016. Simulating with 2.

I have 1 license live right now for the last 4 1/2 months with $50,000 from my old employer's 401k plan that wasn't earning much and I was no longer contributing to. Now, my short term plan is to move the remainder of the 401k into another license (now that I'm excited about my results and understand how this works) and get that money working for me. That will leave me with 1 license left which I'll simulate with. My plan now is to accumulate cash and build up a reserve of non 401k, 457, or other retirement tax restricted money so I can get that into a trader.

Financially, short term, I've seen a gain of $9,000 or 18% in less than 5 months. My anxiety has lessened about my future, I'm no longer stressing about money and now I'm dreaming again. I've met some of the nicest, giving people that are funny and awesome to know and hang out with.

I've learned that you don't have to know everything about it for it to work. You can just plug it in get a few things set up and let it roll.

My original goal was to take $50,000 from 19 years of work at my old employer that was frozen in a Fidelity 401k program and see if I could actually get it to earn money. I've tried myself with various stocks and mutual funds, had my almost son-in-law try his Warren Buffet strategies by buying value stocks, etc. -- to no avail.

In less than 5 months, CoolTrade has already helped my $50,000 hit that 1 year goal of 18% return. It's on track to blow that out of the water, I'm guessing at least 35% annually if not more. If it wasn't for this software, I wouldn't have been able to get that money to grow. The stock market just wasn't cutting it and if I had it all in a Money Market or Bonds, it would have only grown just a little bit more than inflation at 3-5% which isn't much.

Being Happy with the results is an understatement. I'm so excited that I have to try not to think of it after 8pm or I have a hard time sleeping at night by the excitement and possibilities this software is going to bring to myself, my family and to create beyond that in making a legacy for my kids and their kids, etc.

I feel that someone who is fed up with the cruddy performance of their money whether it be in their retirement accounts, cash accounts, etc. -- if you honestly are aware of your earnings and would like to no longer have those feelings forever then this is for you. Honestly, being an Accountant, I believe this software is for everyone. Then I have to remember that not everyone is seeking a better return, some folks are just fine or don't even care.

I believe that most folks are afraid to talk about retirement or money like it's taboo! It really shouldn't be as the alternative is not good for not planning. If you don't want to be 1 of the 80% that are living below the level of poverty at age 65 then this is for you.

If someone was on the fence about whether to purchase a license or not, I would you say to them:

Dear friend, what is holding you back? I understand, and I'm guessing it's either a "Fear" or it's the "Unknown" or perhaps both? Anyway, if you had concerns and was on the fence I'd imagine you would need to do your research or perhaps ask to talk to someone who was using the software. I have a feeling, if you were able to make it to an event to meet Ed and everyone involved you wouldn't be on the fence any longer. So, my main suggestion is get to an EVENT! See it, feel it, ask questions, listen to what is shared, hear the personal stories.

Jane Brownlee - Phoenix, AZ

Our very first meeting with Ed Barsano was pretty exciting. I love it when the speaker gets right down to what really counts, talks plain English, and doesn't waste my time with small talk or business buzz words. We had previously been involved with two other investor education services, "Think or Swim" and (I think it was called) "Investools." But, those services did not work out for us because we were too busily consumed in running a business to learn how to analyze candlestick patterns and Fibonacci sequences.

Ed Barsano said some key things at that first meeting that grabbed my attention immediately and happily:
  1. None of the stock-trading tricks and gimmicks work;
  2. Nobody can forecast what a stock will do;
  3. With CoolTrade, you don't need a master's degree in finance;
  4. CoolTrade is based on a pure-numbers software;
  5. With CoolTrade, you set it and forget it.

We started out with 2 CoolTrade accounts for me and my husband. It was great fun simulating for the first 2 months. Simulating, my account was growing and increasing at the rate of $3,000 per month. And, it was real easy to do nothing more than watch my account balance grow (simulating).

We now have 4 CoolTrade accounts, and I am fixing to purchase another CoolTrade account in the next week to ten days. I kind of love that I am now buying and selling stock but still haven't a clue what a Fibonacci sequence is.

Thank you, CoolTrade. Thank you, Ed Barsano, for being the genius behind CoolTrade.

Jane Brownlee

Laura C - Williamsburg, VA

BIG thank you to Ed and his CoolTrade team!!!! We have been customers for 15 months with 3 traders... 2 live and one simulating. This past week we achieved a major milestone - a cumulative total of $100,000 in closed trades (after commissions!!)

We were running 1/2 in a version of the DOW strategy and 1/2 in the Facebook strategy. Dow account cashed out at 21 1/2 in 52 weeks! Facebook performed better but felt risky the WHOLE time to be in only one stock.

Now we've met the Active Strategy.... and it's been love at first sight. We are AVERAGING $1000/day. No joke. 5 weeks in and we feel like we've hit the lottery!!

Thanks again Ed and team !!!!

Jim Hamby - Boone, North Carolina

I own six CoolTrade licenses, trading LIVE. Since May 1, 2016 to July 20, 2016, I've made net profit of $27,216 which is based only on opening and closing trades by CoolTrade. Most of the profits are from shorting the VXX, QID, and TVIX. The losing trades are stops based upon the Ultimate Market Scanner.

My goal in using the software was to make a profit, tweaking the rules to improve results. I sometimes will limit the trades in the Watch List to symbols that meet the criteria based upon other software such as Chaikin Analytics. I sometimes use entries and stops based upon the Ultimate Market Scanner.

CoolTrade helps contribute to the outcome I want by closing profitable trades before the market closes, unattended. I am happy with the results thus far.

Wesley K - Los Angeles, CA

Good Morning Sir,

I know its been awhile but I just wanted to say hello and send a sincere thank you to what you have created with Cool Trade. I have been able to support myself and send a small bit of money to family and it has really (despite having a small account) allowed me to pursue my classes and interests which wouldn't have been possible without your software.

Wesley K

Roberto Ionadi - Toronto, Canada

Hi Ed, just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for hooking me up with Cooltrade.

Today the stock SAEX was booming, going from $9 to $50 at one point. i was a tad scared at times when they halted the stock momentarily, which caused my trader to immediately selloff once it began trading again, to lock in profits.

I still made close to $3000 profit on that stock today, and i imagine the heavy hitters like you made out like bandits on that stock today. Hope SAEX worked out great for you too today. A million thanks!

warmest regards,


Mike Richards - Fairview, NC

I already own 4 traders and am formulating a plan to have a total of 5 active and one simulating with each active one returning an average of $100 /day using these new strategies. The numbers look like this: $100 /day X 252 trading days X 5 traders = $126,000 gross / year stream of income not taking into account prorated cost of traders or trading fees. Even if I miss my goals by 50% that equates to $63,000 / Year gross. Understanding that past performance doesnt guarantee future results, CT has given me the ability to dream again. Now just imagine what I could do with 10 traders!!

Exceptional customer service equals exceptional customer satisfaction. Thats what Ed and his tech team do in spades. Ed shows he cares about those who own his Cooltrade platform with personal attention rarely seen in corporations today. And while he cant guarantee positive results, he definitely wants everybody to have a positive experience with their trader(s), no matter how many you may own. I can now dream again. Now thats encouraging and refreshing.

Thank you,


In accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning use of testimonials in advertising, we must post the following notice: Testimonials appearing on this site are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those that have used our products and/or services in some way or another. The testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals writing them, and may not be typical or indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals. CoolTrade cannot and does not guarantee results.

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